Inclusive Furniture tables are specially designed with a space for a wheelchair-user...
This brings inclusivity to the table...
Where it belongs...
... and is enjoyed by friends, relatives, visitors and carers alike

Inclusive Furniture - Outdoor Thinking

We provide accessible picnic benches specially designed so that wheelchairs fit snugly in the gap provided -

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A Recent Happy Customer - 'Bespoke Social-Distancing Bench' - at Fellowship House, Hoylake Promenade, Wirral - See More

6 seater with 2 spaces for wheelchair-users
Picnic bench for wheelchair-users
Picnic table with 2 spaces for wheelchair-users
'We looked high and low for patio furniture for my client, how great to find a company who made a great product, competitively priced and delivered free within a week'

Claire Wilson - Occupational Therapist

The types of places and organisations who use our accessible benches...

Schools & Colleges

Why schools and colleges?

...because not only is it their legal duty under the discrimination acts it also helps pupils and students who use wheelchairs to be more 'inclusive'. We now have a list of happy teachers who say their students really enjoy our outdoor furniture irrespective of age, agility or ability. More...

Pubs & Restaurants

Why pubs and restaurants?

...because not only is it their legal duty under the discrimination acts it also helps customers who use wheelchairs feel part of the table and hence part of the company.They also look good outside the premises and it's also very good for business as happy customers are returning customers. More...

Homes & Gardens

Why homes and gardens?

...because not only is it their legal duty under the discrimination acts people who happen to use wheelchairs also happen to enjoy sitting outside in fine weather, they are also appreciated in public places as well as private homes & gardens and places where care is a first priority. More...

Inclusive Furniture

Enjoying using s 6 seater with 2 spaces for wheelchair-usersNot along ago we noticed that in our local park there was adequate seating for the non-disabled but none for the wheelchair-user, the more we looked the more we saw a complete lack of effort in complying with regulations and laws specifically brought in to counter this ignorance and discrimination. See our range of assessible benches - here:

We decide to act, our plan was:

  • Make our products both 'accessible & 'inclusive'.
  • Design furniture with the wheelchair-user in mind
  • Act within both the Disability Act and the Equality Act
  • Provide quality products for non-disabled and disabled alike.
  • Consider the elderly
  • Make the products affordable
  • Make rental to events an option
  • Use sustainable products where possible

We then thought we need to provide picnic benches and outdoor furniture for people who use wheelchairs. There is definitely a need for disabled, easy access outdoor furniture. All made robustly to take the knocks from wheelchairs and manufactured from sustainable wood from environmentally friendly sources. Thay also need to make the user feel inclusive.

See Standard Bench with 1 Space for a Wheelchair

See Standard Bench with 2 Spaces for 2 Wheelchairs

See Large Bench with 1 Space for a Wheelchair

See Large Bench with 2 Spaces for 2 Wheelchairs

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Inclusive Furniture works as part of Inclusive Designs. We are based on The Wirral in Merseyside.

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The places that enjoy our outdoor wheelchair-friendly, aceessible and inclusive picnic benches are many and varied. They make excellent garden furniture and look great on decking. We also make regular picnic benches to complement our accessible range. We also supply schools, colleges and care-homes as well as councils, holiday parks, pubs and restaurants and just recently hire to trade shows.

We also provide a bespoke service...

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